Business Basics For Online Coaches…

Over the weekend, I watched the Premier League football game between West Ham and Manchester United.

Man United are nowhere near what they were, and they got beat 2-0. But it wasn’t the fact that they lost that interested me, it was what one of the pundits said in the post-match analysis.

“Always take it back to the basics, they didn’t do them, and they got punished for it”

The same thing applies in business.

You can’t go wrong if you stick to the basics.

But what are the basics for online coaches?

I’m glad you asked… 

There are three basic things that you should do every single day if you’re an online coach (or in any business for that matter).

They are:

Lead generation.

Lead conversion.

Result delivery.

If what you’re doing can’t be put under one of those categories, you probably shouldn’t be doing it.

Generating a lead, converting that lead into a buyer and then delivering that buyer the result you promised them.

That’s the only process I focus on, and it’s done okay for me so far.

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